Competition Results

September 2014. Way, way back in April we set two competitions for you - our usual monthly one and another to celebrate our 25th birthday.

A few busy months have passed and having had several reminders from you this week I thought it was about time I made the draw - sorry if you've been waiting with baited breath!

So to refresh your memory, our competition to win a £25 shop voucher asked you to name which car Martin had to hand the keys back for when he started Sussex Caravan Centre.  The answer was a) Cosworth.  Phil Bigg was the first name out of the hat - congratulations, your voucher is in the post to you.

The second 'bit of fun' asked you to complete the following sentence:

I'd like a Sussex Caravan Centre 'Club Sussex' poncho because....

We received a wonderful range of replies and after much deliberation amongst all the staff here (they weren't aware of the entrants' names), the winner of a 'Club Sussex' cool bag and poncho was judged to be David Bird.  His answer was:

"...even in the rain you need to be dressed to the Sussex standard of quality and style!"

The remaining entrants all receive a 'Club Sussex' poncho for their efforts - thank you all for entering and for the lovely comments we received.

I'll be back with the competition at the beginning of October - we look forward to hearing from you all then.

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