Martin's Monthly Mutterings

New Year, New Faces...

January 2015. Into the new year and into our new year launch on 3rd & 4th January which provided the usual rain that is becoming associated with our events!

Still, we had a massive turnout and it was great to meet up with old friends, get the feedback on the new models and sell a few in the process! Our running total of new orders for the 2015 anniversary models stands at over 80 caravans - a new record for us as at 5th January.

Our caravan manufacturers are now looking at some quite long delivery times on certain models, but at least it gives me something to worry about!

2015 sees Sussex Caravan Centre undergoing some personnel changes. Andy Parsons who currently is based at our East branch will now split his role between both branches as Group Director. A new full time appointment will be made at our East branch to help assist in their continuing growth. Ian Burnal will take the role of Site Manager, a fantastic opportunity for Ian who joined us straight from college back in 2007.

As a company celebrating our 25th anniversary, we are keen to invest in and promote the young (under 40) members of our team as they are the future and the next 25 years!

At Ashington a new position has been created to assist Brian O'Neill (Service Director) in providing an improved workshop department for the future. Owen Jenman will join us on 1st February as Assistant Service Manager and will help Brian in implementing the change.

I think that's it for the changes - other than that it's business as usual and hoping for a mild winter, sunny and dry spring and some record temperatures for the summer! Well here's hoping anyway!

We all look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best.

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