Martin's Mutterings

October 2015

Firstly, a thousand apologies for the lack of Monthly Mutterings this year.  It’s no real excuse but we have been a little bit busy!

The 2015 season has gone extremely well with virtually all the new models now sold out. The new members of staff (Owen at our West branch and Alan at our East centre) have settled in very well and it now feels as though they’ve been here for ever!  We’d also like to welcome on board Paul Eager, our new service manager at East.

Andy Parsons in his new position as Group Director has ensured we have been more in tune between East and West branches and has enabled us to spend even more time developing, designing and planning the 2016 special editions.  We have been particularly pleased with this stage of things and the first of the models were eagerly anticipated at both branches.

I personally can’t remember being this excited about seeing the new special editions in the flesh since the very first models back in 1998.  To say we were all ‘over the moon’ would be an understatement and judging by the results of the recent open weekend at our West branch, our customers thought so too!

Records were broken with the amount of new vans ordered and also the most new caravans sold in a single day at Sussex Caravan Centre.  17 new caravans in just one day!

In addition, the planets must have been aligned because the weather stayed fantastic and we had the largest turnout of customers and friends.  I felt overwhelmed at the almost party atmosphere and the general feeling of genuine goodwill and friendliness.  If this is work, then we’re loving it!  At the end of the weekend we sat down (the staff) feeling a bit shell shocked and just chatted about how great the whole event had been and our customers are.

If you’re reading this and haven’t seen the new special editions then come on over and give them a look.  To be fair, the entire range was not on show at the launch, we’re still waiting for a couple of the layouts to arrive.

Our East branch are having their open weekend on Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November. We will also be planning an event at Ashington early January to showcase the all new special edition motorhome range from Elddis, as well as having the entire range of special edition caravans.  More details will follow nearer the event.

The success of the new caravans also means we will have more of the sought after ‘pre-owned’ models arriving over the next few months.

Over the winter we will be planning some minor re-structuring and improvements across the branches to offer our customers and friends an even better service.

So for now, thanks for reading (I know who you are!) and I promise to make sure the next mutterings will not be so long in coming.

Keep happy, all the best, Martin

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