Martin's Open Weekend Mutterings

October 2014. Hopefully putting pen to paper doesn't 'put the mockers' on the late autumn weather - 20 plus degrees at the end of October, how wonderful!

Also fantastic has been the response to both branches' 'sneak peek' open weekends.  Even though only just over half the new models were on display, records were broken in both attendance and amount of caravans sold.  One model on its own, the new 2015 Elddis Midhurst premier edition had 22 deposits placed before the end of October!  One model on its own...astonishing.

Before the 'sneak peek' open weekend we believed the new 25 year anniversary models were the best we had produced; now we know the customers who came to the events thought so too.

At this stage of writing, the complete ranges are still not all in but by the end of the year, every new model from each of the ranges: Club edition by Lunar, Premier edition by Elddis and V.I.P edition from Coachman will all be available to view.

We are planning the full launch at our Ashington branch on 3rd and 4th January with the East branch following at the end of January (their dates to be finalised).

This will be the first opportunity to see every model on display, and the open weekend could be the perfect way to welcome the new year in - looking forward to our caravan holidays for 2015 with Christmas behind us.

As usual, our invites will go out over the Christmas break with the exclusive vouchers and offers for you, our customers, so look out for those.

Finally, congratulations to Keith and Lorraine - not only for purchasing one of our new Midhurst models, or for giving Smudge and Amber, two of our new Sussex kittens a home, but also for posting the fastest time on the 'Caravan Scalextric' competition at the 'sneak peek' weekend.  Many corners were taken on one wheel, with the caravan reaching some amazing angles - obviously the ATC technology hasn't reached Scalextric yet!  Keith's new caravan has this fitted so he won't be able to get up to these antics on the road - thank goodness!

So have a good end to the year; have a very enjoyable Christmas and we all look forward to seeing you sometime soon, or at the launch weekend on 3rd and 4th January...let's hope the weather holds!

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