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For 2015, Sussex Caravan Centre , for the first time, basing their special edition range with 3 different models from three different manufactuers! Our "Club" Edition based on the Lunar Quasar range, Our "Premier" Edition based on the Elddis Affinity range and our "VIP" Edition based on the Coachman VIP. Here you can view a preview of the Coachman, Elddis and Lunar Special Editions. If you want to view a particular model, click on one of the three tabs below for each range and select the one you want to view.

  • Our 2015 "Premier Editions" have been based on the Elddis Affinity range. An exciting addition to the Sussex Specials, the "Premier" range has been carefully designed to make it as striking and unique as possible to any of our previous models.

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