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  • This month’s mutterings are a little different! They are penned by one of our customer’s - David Bird who, along with his mum, was a contestant in the Caravan Club’s ‘Caravanner of the Year’ competition shown on TV recently. We were all glued to our TVs watching them and admiring their caravan,

  • Martin’s Mutterings

    March 2016. I want to stand still.  Five years ago I wanted to stand still.  Probably if you’d have asked me 25 years ago I would have said I was happy the way things were and I’d be happy to stand still.

    The trouble is we can’t.  Life is ever changing and has a habit of throwing the odd curve ball into the way that we can’t plan or expect.  Some things are out of our control: other nations conflicts, global economies, natural disasters - right down to other people, accidents and even plain bad luck at the other end of the scale.

  • November 2015,

    Read this month's mutterings done by Alan at our east branch in the Aftersales department.

    ~Best NEC show ever
    Our presence at the annual Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC this year was rewarded by record sales and attendance.  We would like to thank all the loyal customers who made the journey north and dropped in to see us.  It was most welcome to take a seat and have a coffee with them.

  • October 2015

    Firstly, a thousand apologies for the lack of Monthly Mutterings this year.  It’s no real excuse but we have been a little bit busy!

    The 2015 season has gone extremely well with virtually all the new models now sold out. The new members of staff (Owen at our West branch and Alan at our East centre) have settled in very well and it now feels as though they’ve been here for ever!  We’d also like to welcome on board Paul Eager, our new service manager at East.

  • Monty in his new home
    As always, our customers send pictures of their Sussex dog with their new van. This is Monty on hols with his new home, a Coachman Singleton.

  • February 2015. 

    Feeling very proud of Sussex Caravan Centre.  The customer surveys for service and satisfaction run by ‘Practical Caravan’ have been published in the March edition of the magazine and it turns out we have done rather well.

    All UK dealers are eligible and the top rated are classified into gold (the highest), silver (2nd) and ‘mentioned in dispatches’ for those just outside.  Dealers are rated separately for new and pre-owned (used) with separate awards for each.

  • New Year, New Faces...

    January 2015. Into the new year and into our new year launch on 3rd & 4th January which provided the usual rain that is becoming associated with our events!

    Still, we had a massive turnout and it was great to meet up with old friends, get the feedback on the new models and sell a few in the process! Our running total of new orders for the 2015 anniversary models stands at over 80 caravans - a new record for us as at 5th January.

  • 2015 Open Weekend

    December 2014. After the sucessful preview weekend in October, Sussex Caravan Centre are pleased to announce the 2015 January open weekend. This weekend will see the launch of the full range of Coachmam, Lunar and Elddis special editions. 

  • December 2014. A keen caravanner for many years,  James from our West branch has previously owned a Sprite Alpine, 2001 Elddis Sussex special edition Ashington and a 2007 Bailey Pageant Champagne.  For the past year he has caravanned with his family in a 2014 Sussex Caravan Centre special edition Ashington RS.  Read his review here:

  • October 2014. Hopefully putting pen to paper doesn't 'put the mockers' on the late autumn weather - 20 plus degrees at the end of October, how wonderful!

    Also fantastic has been the response to both branches' 'sneak peek' open weekends.  Even though only just over half the new models were on display, records were broken in both attendance and amount of caravans sold.  One model on its own, the new 2015 Elddis Midhurst premier edition had 22 deposits placed before the end of October!  One model on its own...astonishing.

  • September 2014. Way, way back in April we set two competitions for you - our usual monthly one and another to celebrate our 25th birthday.

    A few busy months have passed and having had several reminders from you this week I thought it was about time I made the draw - sorry if you've been waiting with baited breath!

  • June 2014. Hello everyone! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say a few words on the 25th anniversary of Sussex Caravan Centre. It really is amazing how far we’ve come in such a short time. Of course, I’ve always heard of the humble origins of this company from Martin, starting out as an idea of two men who wanted to make their own way in the world. It reminds me of a quote from Walt Disney (one of Martin’s favourites): “The way to start something is to quit talking and begin doing”. That’s exactly what they did, and along the way they’ve picked up quite a few friends.

  • April 2014. We have a double celebration this month - it's our 25th anniversary and Martin's 50th birthday.  He's feeling rather generous so we have two ways for you to win - our monthly competition as usual, plus a little bit of fun.

    Welcome to our monthly competition, exclusively for our website readers.

    The winner will receive a voucher worth £25 to spend in our Accessory Shop.

    Question: Which car did Martin have to hand the keys back for when he started Sussex Caravan Centre.

    a) Cosworth
    b) Corvette
    c) Cavalier

  • April 2014. 25 years ago, I was 25 years old. I was working at Storrington Cars & Caravans as a (senior!) salesman. I had a Sierra Cosworth company car (oh yes!) and was earning a reasonable salary. I was engaged to be married the following year and had wisely invested everything into a little house a few years earlier – property prices going up at that time quite dramatically. I was working hard, long hours but life was good.

  • March 2014. This month's mutterings are the briefest of brief - but there'll be some news in our April edition that might interest you.

    To tide you over til then, for March we thought we'd give our new accessory shop manager the chance to say a few words:

    Hi, I'm Hannah and I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm the newest member of Sussex Caravan Centre in Ashington having taken over running the accessory shop.  I'm also here to assist you and my colleagues.

  • February 2014. Welcome to our monthly competition, exclusively for our website readers.

    The winner will receive a voucher worth £25 to spend in our Accessory Shop.

    Question: What have we added to improve our website?

    a)  Photos of our staff
    b)  Music
    c)  Videos of our stock

    NB: we have changed the email address for competition entries.  Please send your answers to:
    (put ‘Feb Comp’ as the subject.)

  • February 2014. Hi Everyone,

    It's ‘Andy from the East’ muttering this month and there is plenty to ‘mutter’ about.

    Life at the East branch has been a bit wet and wild recently, as it has for us all. We lost power for six days over Christmas along with a few roof tiles and a bit of guttering. I hope you’ve all come through the storms relatively unscathed and we can all look forward to the lighter nights and maybe spring not too far away?!

  • January 2014. Welcome to our monthly competition, exclusively for our newsletter readers.

    The winner will receive a voucher worth £25 to spend in our Accessory Shop. 

    Question: Name the new Sussex Caravan Centre employee, who will be looking after our shop.

    a) Rebecca
    b) Andrew
    c) Hannah

    Answers by EMAIL to:
    (put ‘Jan Comp’ as the subject.)

  • January 2014. Whilst refitting our shop and offices, the following article was discovered.  Written by Martin in 2010, we thought it might interest you.


    Sussex Special Editions – A Brief History

  • January 2014. Well hello again my human friends! And a very happy new year too!

  • December 2013

    We love our Sussex Caravan Centre hitchcovers - black with gold lettering, they're hard wearing and look great too! They retail for £12.60 which we're often told is a bargain. 

    We're sure you'll love them too so why not bring us your current hitchcover - we don't mind what it looks like or what's printed on it, and we'll give you £5 scrappage towards a new one.

    Come join our 'Club'!

  • December 2013. Welcome to our monthly competition, exclusively for our newsletter readers.

    We're feeling generous this month so the prize is a little different:

    EACH competition entrant will receive a 'Club Sussex' torch (one per household. subject to availability)  

    The winner will receive a voucher worth £25 to spend in our Accessory Shop PLUS for this month only they will also win a much sought after 'Sussex' puppy!

    Question: What is the name of our salesman James' dog?

    a) Rover
    b) Rufus
    c) Reggie

  • December 2013 an Ashington RS

    Me, Thee, Will and Rufus our Lakeland terrier caravanning in December, who’d of thought it? We’ve had a really good touring season this year haven’t we? The weather throughout the summer was unusually warm and extended well into November despite the threat of what was supposed to be the coldest November for decades; thankfully this failed to materialise, stretching the season even longer than usual, especially for fair weather caravanners like us.

  • December 2013

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to our new newsletter format.  I hope you find it easier to read.  Please let us know your thoughts.

    Firstly, James has a new caravan.....OK I've said it and he can tell you all about it later...although I have to admit it's wonderful to see the enthusiasm from a slightly different perspective.

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