Paintseal Direct, world class paint & fabric protection. 

Keeping your caravan or motorhome clean is both challenging and time consuming. Depending on the cleaning products you would normally use, many of which contain abrasive chemicals required to remove those stubborn marks such as black streaks and tree sap etc. can actually wear the paint surface down and over time leave the exterior finish looking flat.

Your interior fabrics are always subject to threat of staining as a result of an accidental spillage etc. As most interior fabrics are light colours, the stains are always noticeable and off putting. These are very costly to replace.

This amazing Paintseal product will not only keep your paintwork looking great, but also make it easier to clean off all those black streaks and all those marks. Now, there are two different types of treatments available for both caravans and motorhomes.

Price List

Paintseal Direct Teflon

Caravan Single Axle - £399.00
Caravan Twin Axle - £499.00
Motorhomes upto 21ft long - £499.00
Motorhomes 21-24ft (6.32m - 7.31m) - £599.00
Motorhomes 24-27ft (7.32m - 8.23m) - £699.00
Motorhomes 27-30ft (8.24m - 9.14m) - £799.00

Paintseal Direct Gen-3Glasscoat

Caravan Single Axle - £499.00
Caravan Twin Axle - £599.00
Motorhomes upto 21ft (6.31m) - £599.00
Motorhomes 21-24ft (6.32m - 7.31m) - £699.00
Motorhomes 24-27ft (7.32m - 8.23m) - £799.00
Motorhomes 27-30ft (8.24m - 9.14m) - £899.00

Prices for exterior treatment only are as above less £50

New vehicles are guaranteed for 5 years from application date, and used vehicles are guaranteed for 3 years from application date. A new vehicle is defined as a vehicle under 6 months old.

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