Having fun in our Caravan

We're on our first outing and we are visiting Tewkesbury. Storm and the little devil himself, Monty have been up to all sorts of mischeif as you can see from the picture. I just managed to spot them as they were making their way to pinch some of the cake we had just made... they were checking to see if we had fallen asleep in the mid-day sun... rascals, the pair of them!

Our adventure continues and we're all up at Carsington Water in Derbyshire. Monty and Storm saw the resevoir and they were gone for the day, in and out of the water chasing around like mad things. It was all too much for Monty though and i had to carry him the last six miles...

Anyway they have just walked all over their water dish and are dragging their leads with them, so i had better sign off and take them out again, i must have lost 5lbs in weight already

They would be very pleased to feature on the website. When i told them their little tails went crazy...

- Peter and Rosemary M

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