Meet The Dogs

  • Meet Buttons

    Buttons is a wise puppy. He will always help his friends whenever they are in trouble. He is very loyal too and loves a cuddle. He has a lovely coat and likes to be brushed, he does need help though sometimes to get those pesky hairs out of his eyes!

  • Meet Toby

    Toby does love a biscuit, well maybe 10. He can sniff one out for miles! To make up for his bad habits he loves to go for a run and a swim and an occasional dig here and there. After a tiring day he does like a snuggle.

  • Meet Jessie

    Jessie is very organised and caring too. She likes to keep all of the other puppies in check and make sure they are all okay. She does like a good nap though, it’s tiring looking after all her friends!

  • Meet Maisy

    Maisy is one crazy Cockapoo! She runs round and round and round and never stops. She can’t seem to get enough exercise. She loves attention and being cuddled. Be careful though, she does lick a lot!

  • Meet Butch

    Butch is very proud to be a great British bulldog, and loves travelling around the country he calls home. He’s always up for getting into the great outdoors and seeing the sights.

  • Meet Storm

    Storm is the most adventurous out of all the puppies here, running around and constantly exploring. Storm loves to run around with his friends but always seems to leave others behind as he’s so fast!