Meet The Dogs

  • Meet Harley

    Harley is the troublemaker in our group of puppies! He’s always getting up to mischief and making his friends laugh. Despite being a bit naughty he is still one of the friendliest puppies you’ll ever meet

  • Meet Monty

    Monty is the most loyal dog that any owner could hope for. He’s always looking out for his friends and loves meeting new people.  We often find Monty watching over the shop to see new customers that he could say hello to.

  • Meet Buttons

    Buttons, youngest of 101, is the baby of our group of puppies. He loves to play and have fun, as well as cuddle with his friends after a long day of running around the site. He’s a great companion to anyone’s inner child.

  • Meet Angus

    Angus is very proud of his long and fluffy coat, even though sometimes it gets in his eyes! He likes having it brushed and really loves being petted, both by his friends and other people. Come and give his fur a feel to see how fluffy he is!

  • Meet Fergus

    Fergus is the oldest dog in our Sussex pack, as can be seen with his flamboyant facial fluff, and is also the wisest. He looks out for all the other puppies and makes sure that no one is getting into trouble. He’s always there to help those that need it, whether it be offering some advice or a big hug to make them feel better.

  • Meet Nero

    Nero is incredibly faithful and obedient. He loves being on duty, guarding our caravans and making lots of noise when anyone goes past. Don’t worry though, he can still be quite cheeky and is not afraid to have fun!

  • Meet Reggie

    Reggie is super smart! He’s always coming up with ways to fix different problems that his friends might be having. He loves a good crossword or puzzle to pass the time and is there to help with any problem that needs solving. Don’t sleep next to him though, he’s quite a snorer!

  • Meet Jessie

    Jessie, despite being a sheepdog, is quite lazy! We often find her taking naps in the comfiest places she can find, and she loves making new beds out of bits of upholstery for all of her friends to sleep in.

  • Meet Bumper

    Bumper is totally bonkers, forever chasing his tail. He is very playful, but can be a little bit boisterous when overexcited. He loves chasing squirrels and rabbits, but is still very friendly and is always welcoming of new people!

  • Meet Butch

    Butch is very proud to be a great British bulldog, and loves travelling around the country he calls home. He’s always up for getting into the great outdoors and seeing the sights.

  • Meet Storm

    Storm is the most adventurous of the dogs here, always going on exhibitions around the site looking for new discoveries. She loves exploring and finding new places to visit with her friends.