Motor Movers

Truma Powrtouch

Powrtouch has proven itself as a reliable and high performance motor mover manufacturer throughout the years, and has become our primary supplier of motor movers for all our caravans. We endorse, supply and fit this excellent product at both of our centres. Manoeuvring your caravan has never been easier; you'll be in complete control at all times, and braking is instant as soon as you release the mover buttons, so you can be as precise as you need to.

A difficult job made easy - no fuss, no strain, no worries.

Price List:

Powrtouch Freedom Motor Mover

Manual engage - £999

Powrtouch Evolution Motor Mover

Manual Engage - £1159

Auto Engage - £1359

Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle (2 motor drive - Twin) 

Manual Engage - £1399

Auto Engage - £1599

Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle (4 motor drive - AWD) 

Manual Engage - £2199

Auto Engage - £2559

4 Wheel Drive Options

Spare Wheel Moving Kit & Al-Ko Wheel Carrier - £149

Tyre Inflator & Puncture Sealant - £9.99

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